Interview - Miriam Calleja Shaw

You have recently published a book called COVID-19and the Virus that Shook the World. It provides a sobering look at virus infections and pandemics, with particular emphasis on the COVID-19 strain. Presently, the cases have diminished in Europe but the spread has moved elsewhere. However, how safe is ‘safe’ at the moment?
With the way things are evolving with the ’new’ coronavirus, it’s very difficult to answer this question. The WHO just last weekend warned that the worst may be yet to come. We are certainly witnessing an atrocious amount of deaths and illness in the US. We don’t yet know with certainty which factors are affecting the progression of the pandemic. Indeed we don’t even know about all the symptoms that appear with COVID-19 infection. The relative ‘safety’ is different for everyone, depending on the state of their immunity and certain other factors. For a person with average health who isn’t too old, the danger of getting severely ill may be low – but we need to think of …


Given the difficult situation at the moment, and the increasing restrictions in mobility, it's very important to keep the mind entertained, exercised and challenged. This is what this blog is about. It's about fun things to do inside: reading books, watching films, playing games, finding interesting facts - anything. I'll do my utmost to include material that is freely available online, or if not, purchased or borrowed through online means.

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    1. Grazzi Joe. Iva, għandek raġun. Żvista min-naħa tiegħi.

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